Juliette Hogan

We met Katie before Myra was born and we were immediately impressed by her warmth, knowledge and empathy.

During our first few weeks with Myra, Katie was a great support in assisting of learning of how to become parents. Her love of children was immediately apparent to us when she met Myra for the first time. She made us feel completely comfortable and encouraged us to ask her many questions about what and how we should be doing things. She provided us with the tools and guidelines to establish a wonderful bond and understanding of our child and at the same time ensuring we be kind to ourselves. Katie went on to look after Myra one day a week while I returned to work, we felt completely at ease with Myra being in her care.

We would have no hesitation at all in recommending her for newborn advice or care. She is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met and has a wealth of knowledge with regards to babies, newborns and first time parents. Katie shared and delivered her knowledge in a reassuring, respectful and empowering manner.

Kathryn Wilson

Our family has had the privilege of Katie’s services over the last 7.5 years providing advice, guidance and full-time nanny care for our two daughters Lola and Stella from birth. 

Katie supported me with post-natal care and advice from our first days at birth-care and my transition home from the hospital teaching me feeding, bathing and sleep routines for both babies. Katie has been an integral part of our family unit.. often referred to as parent number three to our girls, managing the household sole charge when we are away and also travelling with us when required.

I would recommend Katie to all new mums and cannot speak highly enough of her maternal, loving nature towards all children and her skills and techniques to help settle a baby through all stages of development. She is a joy to have in the home and will forever be part of our family.

Sharyn Casey

As I started writing this I thought ‘WHAT AM I DOING? If I tell more people how amazing Katie is then it’ll be harder for me to book her’ but then I remembered being a new parent is hard and everyone deserves this lifesaver in their lives.

We were given time with Katie as a present, we did a consult on how to settle our son to sleep better and the other 2000 questions I had and it was incredible, instantly made a huge difference. From there we’ve used Katie to do some nannying and she’s a dream, I know I don’t need to even text her while I’m out because I know our son is in great hands so I can truly switch off and concentrate on what I’m doing and he’s happy.

Hiring Katie is the best money you’ll ever spend but also the best thing you can do not only for your child but you too. She’s brilliant with our baby, he loves her, instantly smiles when she walks in and has been comfortable with her from day 1. Katie sticks to your routine, helps you with things you’re struggling with and the best thing, when you feel like the worst parent ever she gives you confidence in your own abilities. We are much stronger, happier and confident parents from using her and the parents I’ve recommended her to, feel the same. I can’t recommend her enough.

Toyah Attwell

As a first time mum Katie’s years of experience helped me make sense of things at a time when nothing made much sense. Her knowledge is based on a deep understanding of the developmental processes of a baby, as well as an innate connection and love for newborns.

Her advice was never unsolicited and was always explained with context, giving insight to what was going on with our daughter and teaching us tricks that made all of our lives better.

Ultimately, and most importantly, we followed Katie’s sleep routines from day one and do to this day. All babies are different, but Katie’s routines are based on human biology and the science of sleep. When I understood what was going on inside my babies body, why the sleep routines were structured the way they were and the reasons they worked, it gave me confidence that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Katie set the structure for our baby to be a good sleeper and when your baby sleeps, you sleep. And when you sleep, you’re a better parent. I couldn’t recommend her more.

Kate Solley

I met Katie when my son was 4 months old. I booked her as a sleep consultant as she came highly recommended from many people I know. Within a week Katie got my son through the 4 month sleep regression and helped me create great sleeping habits. From then on I have used Katie many times over the last 4 years. I have used her as a nanny, a sleep consultant and when I had my daughter last year I booked sessions with Katie from day one to help create a good routine for my daughter. 

I can honestly say her knowledge is what has saved me once again. My daughter self settled from the start and has been a great sleeper because of what Katie has taught me. Her sleeping programmes don’t have you house bound, they create flexibility while also creating a great routine to make things easier for you. I cannot recommend Katie enough. She has been a life saver for me and really helped me enjoy motherhood. She is so good at what she does and is incredible with kids. I only wish I could have her full time, as I truly believe there is nobody as good as her. Investing in Katie will be the best money you spend!

Amy Fraser

Katie Thomas nannied my 4 year old son and 6 week old daughter during the period of November 2021 – March 2022. Despite being with us for a short period (my daughter started daycare soon after), Katie was an invaluable addition to our family. 

She is highly competent, excellent with children, and I always came home to an impeccably clean home. Nothing frazzles Katie. Her calm demeanour is an incredible asset to a family adjusting to a second child in the newborn phase: whenever I was stressed, Katie was there to soothe any situation. She adjusted to our routines seamlessly while also improving them – making suggestions for the baby whenever I asked for her advice. 

Katie is reliable, loyal, warm and thoroughly responsible – I would recommend her to anyone looking for the highest calibre of childcare.

Angelina Grey

Katie has seriously made my first year of motherhood far easier than everyone told me it would be! Every time I needed help settling my wee girl into sleeping through the night, Katie had simple but super effective tips that worked every time. Thanks to Katie’s help we sailed through the 4 month sleep regression with no issues. She showed us a super effective technique to settle Elodie to sleep at bedtime – one that didn’t involve feeding, a habit I didn’t know how to break! 

Katie has been my go-to through each new phase of Elodie’s routines through her first year – with Katie’s sage advice, baby has gone back to sleeping through the night almost right away, and is a great self settler. Katie offers tips and suggestions that are clear to follow, without judgement and a whole lot of positive encouragement. She’s a wee gem who I recommend to all my friends who are embarking on motherhood!

Francesca Lunjevich

I met Katie (aka my sleep guru) 3 years ago when I desperately needed help with my newborn son who would not sleep. When she arrived it felt like I had known her for years, she is so easy going, has a very calm nature but also bubbly and energetic! I love that I didn’t feel any judgement from her especially as a vulnerable new mother, and she would explain things in such a kind manner.

Katie went on to help me with my daughters sleep as well and is always the person I recommend if I hear people are having difficulties with their babies and sleep! I know if I have anymore children she will be my first phone call if I need any help with sleep! I will be forever grateful for her help and I definitely would not have been able to get through the hard sleep phases without her, highly highly recommend. Thank-you Katie! 

Georgina Mahon

Katie was recommended to us through a friend that she had worked with previously, taking care of their newborn son from birth. We met Katie when our newborn daughter was six weeks old. It wasn’t the easiest six weeks for us as we already had the news that our daughter was deaf in her right ear, and had a hole in her heart. She joined us when we were at our most worried and anxiety ridden. 

She came to us two days a week for three months, to help out with our newborn daughter and occasional help with our three year old son. Our family is in the UK and we had no family locally so we hadn’t left our newborn with anyone at all in six weeks. Katie’s ability to roll her sleeves up and mix in and help is remarkable and her baby knowledge and passion is outstanding. And above all else, she simply loves to care for babies and children. She is responsible, caring, flexible, and absolutely one of a kind, a definite mature head on young shoulders. 

If you could bottle her up and sell her off the world would be a nicer place! We have no hesitation at all in recommending Katie to potential families and are happy to be contacted to discuss further. 

Missy Regan

I’m so grateful for Katie’s support, kindness and genuine care. After returning to New Zealand, with little community around and being a first time mum I was daunted and overwhelmed.

Katie’s help and guidance made my journey becoming a mum a lot less stressful and she was always there if I was struggling. Katie gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed with her gentle routines that were easy to follow. My daughter is now two and is flourishing.

Clare Van Den Berg

Katie was part of our family from day one, looking after our Son, Harvey. Although this placement was brief, we all grew very fond of Katie. I saw how she cared for my friends little girl & thought if I could ever have anyone to look after Harvey, I would love someone just like Katie. We were lucky enough Katie had one day per week come available to look after Harvey. I grasped at the opportunity.

Katie looked after Harvey at our home one full day a week. My Husband & I always commented on the wonderful energy & enthusiasm she brought along every single week. Harvey was always so happy to see her & his face would light up when she arrived.

Katie’s manner is calm yet confident & she has an inspiring way with children. They just adore her so much. This is wonderful to watch, she’s the young Mary Poppins! Having Katie was a wonderful transition for Harvey going on to Day Care, when Katie left us to look after a new-born baby.

We knew Katie coming on was a short-term arrangement, however, this didn’t make it at all easy to say goodbye. Katie was such a great pleasure to have around & we were very sad to see her leave but we only wish her best of luck. We would highly recommend her for any job with any family & you would only be so lucky to have her.

Milly Nolan

After being highly recommended by a friend, we had Katie look after our second child George one to two days a week from when he was just six weeks old. It was so hard leaving him at such a young age, but owning my own business meant that I had to return to work sooner than I had hoped, however, having Katie care for him made it so much easier as I could relax knowing and trusting that he was in such good, responsible hands.

Not only is Katie very confident with children, she also has a very calm, kind and relaxed nature but on the flip side, she also has a great sense of energy and fun – she always arrived with a bubbly manner and was quick to make George giggle. In fact, over the time she nannied for us, he got to love her so much that we started nicknaming her “his girlfriend” as his little face would light up as soon as we opened the door to her in the morning. Our toddler loved her also which was an added bonus in the morning while we frantically got ready to leave for work/creche.

She really is a super nanny –  on “Katie days” George ate, drank and slept better than ever and the house was always immaculate by the time we got home which was an added bonus although never a requirement. Am pretty sure she has magic powers! I really couldn’t recommend Katie highly enough – it’s not ideal being parted from your wee ones at such a young age, but when you have someone like Katie caring and loving them, it makes it that much easier.

James Cunningham

Katie was recommended to us by a friend when our son Will was five weeks old. She was quickly able to establish rapport with our precious son and develop a sound attachment with him. She was calm and consistent in provision of care and provided us with a valuable model of care to follow. 

Katie was instrumental in establishing a functional sleep and feeding routine, which continues to pay dividends. She allowed us time to rest and relax, knowing that our son was in safe and caring hands. Her knowledge of child development, literature and first aid training are valuable commodities. Katie is responsible, reliable and pleasant. She has a balanced personality, pleasant nature and keen sense of humour. She has developed a close relationship with Will and he is always excited to see her. They enjoy each others company immensely. 

We feel privileged to have been able to work with Katie over what was initially a challenging and demanding time. As Will has developed and Katie has returned to study we now only have weekly contact with her. We all look forward to her arrival and benefit immensely from our time together. I have no hesitation in recommending Katie to any parents and their children.

Amanda Fernandez

Katie was recommended to us by a friend and has been a pleasure to work with. She has helped us with both our son when he was 7 months old and more recently our baby girl who we struggled to sleep train during lockdown.

Katie has provided us with clear, constructive advice and has always been reassuring and available for any follow up support required. She is very approachable and we’ve loved seeing her warm and engaging rapport with our children.

We have no hesitation in reaching out to her when we’ve needed advice – her sleep guides in particular have worked well for us. She is very professional and we highly recommend her services.